Sorry the Live web stream crapped out!

I am sincerely sorry to everyone that tried to access the Blight Productions short film and video art live stream tonight. Cablevision (My internet service provider) has screwed me again. Moments before the stream was scheduled, my internet connections decided that it would fail me. I was able to get into the chat window, but the connection was so slow that it would not load up any video so that I could cue it into the stream. I spent the hour on the phone with Cablevision trying to fix it, but the end result is that they are sending a tech person out to fix the glitch, because it is something to do with a bad cable line running into my apartment. I know this sounds like a lame excuse but it is not, I promise, just lousy timing. I will never let this happen again. I am setting up several fail safe measures to insure this wont repeat itself. Even if I must jump on a train to the city and host the stream from a Starbucks, I will! Please log into the stream next Wednesday, it will be packed with all the videos you will ever want to see on youtube.

Thanks again,
Blight Productions


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