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Mime time and another little clown movie!

February 25, 2008

Hello friends,

This is going to be a rather short posting as I have been way to busy this weekend to put anything together to post up here. Just a news bulletin. So this past Saturday I spent the morning directing one of “Blight the Clowns” little friends in a new sweet love story. This new fun filled film features Jef Johnson from the amazingly brilliant NY CLOWN lab. After shooting such an amazing thing all day “Blight the Clown” was feeling needy and wanted to go learn how to move invisible boxes. So I had to take him by the hand and walk him to his fancy Mime workshop. Mostly, I just sat in the corner, pointing and laughing at little “Blight the Clown” trying to make feeble attempts to pull rope that wasn’t there. What a weirdo he is huh? Anyway, I am off to the grind. Again starts another week of madness and I have to get some more work on my newest painting. So good bye for now.


Below is a production still from the new movie. More info to come later. All the behing the scene production stills were taken by the amazing Chris Borgman.

“Love story” Productions still 1


Another Crazy video, Blight the Clown’s a pain in the ass and the Wednesday Live Video Stream is BACK!!!!!

February 19, 2008

The Blight Blog, the Blight Blog,
Doesn’t everybody love the Blight Blog?
Its tasty and its juicy,
Charlie Brown Loves Lucy,
Frozen peas and mustard jam,
President Bush and Uncle Sam,

And Blight the Clown Loves you in the morning….


….er excuse me, Blight the Clown had the keyboard for a second there. I smashed his noggin with a bowling pin so that I may continue with this weeks fancy new blog…

So the week in review:

The week was relatively uneventful, I took mean Blight to his weekly therapy sessions at the NY Clown experimentation brain washing and testing facility. I am trying to get this yellow faced bastard ready for his weekly video blog. He is planing on bitching and complaining about things that no one cares about on video to present to the hyper critical completely insane Youtube Vlogging community, but right no he can’t even speak properly. Once I glue his teeth into his face and and surgically remove the marbles from his mouth, he might then be ready for this ridiculously stupid project.

I also started a new painting this morning. It’s gonna be something, not quite sure, but it sure will be something. Hopefully you will get to see it next week.

And for the first time ever I ventured to the Downtown Clown Review. I recommend you go it will make your life better.

I am gonna make another attempt to hold the famous YOUTUBE SHORT FILM AND VIDEO ART LIVE STREAMING event this Wednesday night (Feb. 20th). Please everyone update your youtube channels and come share your madness. If it’s video and its on youtube and you are in the chatroom, it can be streamed and we can all chat about it.


Wednesday night at 10PM eastern time. THIS WEDNESDAY Feb. 13th

Here below is my latest contribution to the Youtube garbage pile.

Another clip from my video art archives:

“Good Morning Sleepy Head”

So this is Blight Productions very first super 8 short film. Produced back in 1998 before I had any access to nonlinear video equipment. It was edited with tape, reel to reel. The quality of the image is so poor because it was transfered to video by way of projecting it on the wall and taking an old piece of shit VHS camcorder and video taping it off the wall. A few years later the VHS got digitized onto my Ulead video editing system (A 486 Windows 95 Computer with a 2 gig hard drive and 16Mgs of ram.) So that I could add some titles and music.

This is basically, a-day-in-the-life-of, type of story. We follow a guy who gets up in the morning to go to work. When he later gets home get begins to freak out about his missing girlfriend. There is a knock on the door, it is a “police detective” that proceeds to beat the shit out of the man. Then we realize that his missing girlfriend is dead in his own bed.

That is pretty much it. It kind of sucks, but I figured I would post it up here on Youtube in the spirit of continuing the archives and sharing my wack-job creations. Oh yeah, the music is all mine as well. Very early 4-track recording.

Don’t forget to rate and comment on the video.

Thank you,
Brian A. Bernhard
Blight productions

EMMY news and another video from the archives 02-12-08

February 12, 2008

Hello folks,

Another crazy eventful week has passed here at Blight Productions and the air is full of energon cubes. Last Thursday I found out that the television series about artists that I created, edited and produced Called “ART or something like it!” just got nominated for a 2008 NY EMMY. I have no idea if it will win, and I am not even sure it matters that much, its just really cool that it got nominated. It kind of validates the series a bit and might help me make some more episodes. I am not sure, but it sure is a nice feeling to get two EMMY nominations in two years.

Meanwhile, I have updated the Blight Productions online shop. This is the wonderful store where you can buy all kinds of happy fun Blight Productions products. I have tagged all kinds of fun stuff with my drawings and designs. Check it out and get stuff: THE BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS ONLINE STORE

In other news, Blight the Clown will be attending Jef Johnsons’ “Clown Speak” workshop this weekend, and if you want to learn how to speak “Clownease” like the folks in “A CLOWN CAROL”, then you better go to.

The super uber cool video stream room will also be postponed this Wednesday, due to the Valentines Day Holiday “Blight the Clown” will have to attend clown school on Wednesday night instead of the regular Thursday night. And as you all know, I have to attend the class to keep an eye on Blight so he does not get out of control and have an “accident”. Please shoot me an email and let me know if you are interested in joining the “Short Film and Video Art” stream room next Wednesday.


I have posted another video from the archives on my Youtube channel:

This is a music video I made for my friend Gene Coleman back in 2002. He is a Brooklyn based experimental jazz musician. I wanted to see what I could do with a little animation and some stills. The video was entirely made with Adobe After Effects Version 4.


Thanks for tuning in to my madness,

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Thanks again,
Brian A. Bernhard

New video posting and other wacky ass happenings!!!

February 4, 2008


So, some more wacky business has been going on since my last post. This time I will try to hit everything in chronological order list format:

  1. Last Wednesdays stream room was a bit of a bust. I think people might of given up hope, because of its failure to launch the week before last. Only one video artist came to the stream, so in that case it wasn’t a bust for me because I still got to see some new cool video art. Cablevision still has not gotten the connection where it should be. Some of the folks in my building thing someone is hijacking the connection at night. I will keep you posted.
  2. Last Thursday was amazing, Blight the Clown received his first dose of formal training via Jef Johnsons NY Clown Lab. It was an amazing experience. Who would of thought “Blight the Clown” would of made a good vegetable?
  3. Over the weekend I have been updating and rebuilding the Second Life galleries. I am almost finished building the Blight Productions Bigtop. I now have set up a Photography gallery, a drawing gallery, and a painting gallery. I have also connected the Dark Art Swamp and TOTSLAND via a cool tunnel. If you have not checked it out, you should. The Second Life software is free to use and free to set up an account, you don’t even have to use a credit card number unless you want to buy something in the game.
  4. Sunday “Blight the Clown” was forced by the evil Chvad into a sweat shop labor band practice. THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN is furiously attempting to piece together the coolest thing since sliced bread. So keep posted as closely as you can to the bazaar actions of this curious band.
  5. Today, I also uploaded a new wacko video clip onto my Youtube channel. It is a motion graphics demo reel I cut back in 2003. Please check it out here: , and as always don’t forget to rate and comment on the video, that way more people will watch it.
  6. This coming Wednesday I am going to have to cancel the Stream room. But this is for a good cause. I have tickets to see George Romero in NYC presenting his latest zombie creation “Diary of the Dead”. But I promise that the screening room will be back up the following week.

So thats it for now,

Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions

PS. so Ok you didn’t go to the youtube channel yet here is the clip, but please try and make it over there to leave you ratings and comments: