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Blight the Clown Comic Strip #10, My Feetz Too Big, and a pretty flower!

May 26, 2008

So this posting will be short and sweet so I can get back to working on some art!

On top of the pile is the latest greatest funktastic comic strip:

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Next up is a fancy new Blight the Clown dancing panel:

My Feetz Too Big!
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(Available through Deviant Art as high quality print and a drink coaster)


I think I will start a collection of my favorite clown performances on this here blog. These will help people understand my perception of clown. I will begin to share things that inspire me. I will do my best to label the videos properly so there is no confusion between my work and the work of other that inspires me.

Here is the first posting of videos that inspire me:


This is an amazing performance by Housch-ma-Housch, it is a tad bit out of sync in some of the audio, but thats hot his fault, I blame Youtube.

And I will leave you all off with a pretty flower picture I took last weekend!

Ain’t it Just Dandelion!
(Available as a high quality print throught Deviant Art)

Blight the Clown
Brian A. Bernhard


Blight’s big nose, Jackson Sq, Vampires, ART in Germany and a pretty rainbow!

May 19, 2008

Hello my super fine funk-defied clowntactic prople,

Boy-Oh-Boy, I sure have had a lot going on this week. Which is basically my way of saying, “there ain’t gonna’ be a lot of stuff in this weeks blog”. Well I don’t know, it’s 2AM on Sunday night and I just got back from helping my friend on a movie shoot. Let’s see what kind of stuff rambles out before I pass out!!

On the table first, just because you are such a sexy crowd, is:

(Click the image for a larger version)

The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown #9
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Oooh! My thought patterns are getting weak, I can’t think of anything to say about this weeks comic. I just hope you all dig it. I have a bunch more on the way, been drawing until my fingers are cramped and raw, just for you people.

Just today I was working on a friends movie shoot. I can’t tell you anything about it just yet other than the fact that the thing is gonna be fantastic and it features one of New York City’s greatest acting talents, Mr. Jerrod Bogard, you all know him as “Crachie the Clown” from “A Clown Carol”, (you know the one whose fingernail fell off), and it’s a vampire movie. If you want to find out about the movie check out Biff Juggernaut Productions.

Anyway, as my mind slowly shuts down…
While we were shooting, we started to get a little misty drizzle, everyone was thinking, “Crap, we gonna’ get rained out!”, but no, we looked up and there was a huge rainbow reaching out of this bazaar nightmarish silo and stretching clear across the sky.

Rainbow thumb
Click here to view a larger image on Deviant Art!

This is the real thing here people, absolutely no Photo Manipulation!

An just because I am such a nice little clown, I also finally posted a cool panorama shot of Jackson Square Park in New Orleans a few years ago. Check it out.
Click here for a larger image on Deviant Art!

I need your help! I am planning a trip to Germany in a couple months and I am looking to find some cool art galleries that you think might be interested in representing my work. If you have any contacts, please email me ASAP!!! Contact Page

Brian A. Bernhard

Blight the Clown gets a lil’ sad in Comic #8, and GO OUT AND WATCH POULTRYGEIST!!

May 11, 2008

In this week’s “Missing Adventure”, Blight the Clown gets sad, and boy oh boy, do the shenanigans ensue.

:::Click the Image for a larger version:::
The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown #8

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So, I started like 6 drawings this week and I am still working on my latest painting, which is why I have not scanned in any more art other than the new comic. I have not had the time to color anything else. But next week will be flooded with new images.

The one really fun thing I did this weekend was go to the NYC premiere of the latest Troma Entertainment cinematic masterpiece:

Poultrygeist – Night of the Chicken Dead
(Unless you want them to become chicken zombies)

This gruesomely graphic musical masterpiece of hilarious sexploitation shock cinema was well worth my 12 dollars! It’s got everything a Troma fan could want!  Lesbian orgies, toilet-shit-splattered deaths, singing, dancing, chicken zombies, porn stars, decapitations, masturbation, and anything and everything else your week hearts might find offensive.  Good old Lloyd Kaufman did it again. I knew he would, because I had the good fortune of interviewing him last year for my television series “ART or something like it” and I got a sneak peak of the new film. You all should run right out and watch this movie now. If it is not playing at your local movie theater, go there and protest outside the theater until they get a copy. DEMAND POULTRYGEIST AT YOUR LOCAL THEATER!!!

Watch Lloyd Kaufman himself chat about his career and movie making on the EMMY Nominated episode of “ART or something like it” called “H.O.M.E of King Caricature or a Vulgar ToxieClick here to watch the episode (Note-You must have Realplayer installed to view the episode)

H.O.M.E. of King Caricature or a Vulgar Toxie

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Brian A. Bernhard

Blight has more trouble in the subway in Comic #7 and other terrible art things

May 4, 2008

Good evening,

And welcome to a brand new addition to the Blight Blog.

Today we will explore the dangerous world of the subway system, meet a couple of Blight’s new clown friends, and watch a fun filled PSA video clip that I made a few years ago.

Here it is, the moment the world has been waiting for:

Click the image for a larger version:
The Missing Advenures of Blight the Clown #7

All I can say after this one is WTF!!!!!!! I don’t know, I have no excuses for the bizarreness of this one. I suppose I was having a bad day on the subway. As I seem to draw most of the strips on my way to and from the city on the subway.

Over the past week I was able to make Blight two more special clown friends. Skully the Clown and JoJo the Clown. Both the images are available as high quality prints through Deviant Art. Click on the image to visit the shopping cart on Deviant Art.

Skully the Clown
Skully the Clown meet the world, world meet Skully the Clown. Skully really is a sweet little clown. Sometimes he is slightly misunderstood, but aren’t we all?

JoJo the Clown
Meet JoJo the Clown. He is a fun happy-go-lucky type of clown. He just got his fancy new set of chompers installed so he is happy to show them to you. Oh and look, I think he likes you, you know how I know he likes you…..he is winking at you. No he is not winking at just anyone, seriously, it’s you. JoJo loves you.

Video Time:

I haven’t posted any video for a while so here you go:

This here silly little animation is an old EITC(Earned Income Tax Credit) PSA that I made for CUNY TV. I had to make another version this year because the numbers and figures in this version are outdated. The clip was shot on blue screen, composited in After Effects and Edited In Final Cut Pro.

In other news:
Progress is going well on my new painting and I decided that once I get up to 10 comic strips I will take a small break so that I can finish editing the next clown movie.

Thats all for now. Until next week.

Thanks for your support,
Brian A. Bernhard