Blight’s big nose, Jackson Sq, Vampires, ART in Germany and a pretty rainbow!

Hello my super fine funk-defied clowntactic prople,

Boy-Oh-Boy, I sure have had a lot going on this week. Which is basically my way of saying, “there ain’t gonna’ be a lot of stuff in this weeks blog”. Well I don’t know, it’s 2AM on Sunday night and I just got back from helping my friend on a movie shoot. Let’s see what kind of stuff rambles out before I pass out!!

On the table first, just because you are such a sexy crowd, is:

(Click the image for a larger version)

The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown #9
(Click here to visit the comic archive)

Oooh! My thought patterns are getting weak, I can’t think of anything to say about this weeks comic. I just hope you all dig it. I have a bunch more on the way, been drawing until my fingers are cramped and raw, just for you people.

Just today I was working on a friends movie shoot. I can’t tell you anything about it just yet other than the fact that the thing is gonna be fantastic and it features one of New York City’s greatest acting talents, Mr. Jerrod Bogard, you all know him as “Crachie the Clown” from “A Clown Carol”, (you know the one whose fingernail fell off), and it’s a vampire movie. If you want to find out about the movie check out Biff Juggernaut Productions.

Anyway, as my mind slowly shuts down…
While we were shooting, we started to get a little misty drizzle, everyone was thinking, “Crap, we gonna’ get rained out!”, but no, we looked up and there was a huge rainbow reaching out of this bazaar nightmarish silo and stretching clear across the sky.

Rainbow thumb
Click here to view a larger image on Deviant Art!

This is the real thing here people, absolutely no Photo Manipulation!

An just because I am such a nice little clown, I also finally posted a cool panorama shot of Jackson Square Park in New Orleans a few years ago. Check it out.
Click here for a larger image on Deviant Art!

I need your help! I am planning a trip to Germany in a couple months and I am looking to find some cool art galleries that you think might be interested in representing my work. If you have any contacts, please email me ASAP!!! Contact Page

Brian A. Bernhard



3 Responses to “Blight’s big nose, Jackson Sq, Vampires, ART in Germany and a pretty rainbow!”

  1. Chvad SB Says:

    his nose is mauve.. not red!!!!

  2. blightproductions Says:

    He, he, he,
    i know that, you know that, he don’t know that.

  3. Ingratiating Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Ingratiating.

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