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5 Random Thoughts & Questions 6-26-09.

June 23, 2009

1. How can anyone accomplish anything if they are not willing to step outside of  their comfort zone?

2. Even with all the DIY networking & promotional tools that are are available today, it is still incredibly hard for an artist to find the right audience for his/her work.

3. Unless someone wants something from you, why does (almost) everyone seem like they want to sell you something?

4. How often do you have to smile, nod, shake hands with, pander, and pretend to care about something, or someone, that you really don’t give a shit about, during your average day?

5. Why is communication so difficult for the majority of the population on this planet?



5 common video production mistakes.

June 19, 2009

1. Many producer/directors think about audio as an afterthought, (remember: good clean audio in = good clean audio out).

2. Now that people shoot on DV tape or digitally, they tend to shoot way too much footage, that bogs down the post production process (especially if you work in television and have strict deadlines).

3. People forget, when shooting any kind of narrative story, you should always have some kind of storyboard, to help communicate your ideas to the cast and crew.

4. When shooting a live event always take extra tape and battery’s, and keep a tape unwrapped and ready to go in an easily accessible pocket.

5. Even when shooting an outside night shot, its generally a good idea to bring extra lighting.


5 reasons I am going back to school for my MFA in the Fall!

June 18, 2009

1. So I can have a piece of paper that calls me a MASTER!

2. So  I can be the creepy old guy in class.

3. So I can spend a truck load of money.

4. So I can be reminded how much my work sucks.

5. So I can be in a large crowded room of crazy artists when I have my midlife crisis.


5 common Final Cut Pro editing mistakes

June 18, 2009

1. People forget to save the project as something before they capture video.

2. People forget to name the captured video files as they are ingesting video, leaving a bin fill of “untitled” files.

3. People mix and match video and audio file types, frame rates, and Khz in the timeline with out paying attention to what its doing to the project. Just because FCP can do it, does not mean you SHOULD do it.

4. People forget to clean up their timelines before finializing and color correcting the project.

5. People have a tendancey to drag and drop files in their timelines without paying attention to where they are on the hard drive. ALWAYS keep your files in a labeled folder!


You must be the delivery boy!

June 17, 2009

So, on the way back to my office, after getting my lunch from the cafe down the block, I am standing in the elevator holding my bag of food. I notice the older gentleman looking at me, when I looked up, he asked, “So, who ordered food in?”

I mean, what does this say about the institution I work in? I believe it is a university, there are supposed to be people under 40 riding the elevators. Why would he automatically assume that I was a delivery boy? Is it because I do not wear a suit?

My response to his question was, “Yes, me.”

What would you of said?


5 ideas for artistic inspiration.

June 17, 2009

1. Work in a day job that you hate so much it motivates you to do more, faster and better, so you can get the hell out.

2. People watch in public spaces such as parks, trains, malls, or just walking down the sidewalk. Most people are even more strange and awkward then most minds can even imagine.

3. Get into passionate arguments with everyone you know, eventually pushing them all away, so that you can find the center to your own personal misery, and draw from its pain.

4. Pretend you are a mad scientist, and begin to experiment with everything and everyone, and eventually something creative will come out of it.

5. Go POOP, for some random and strange reason, I get many light bulb popping ideas flashing into my brain as I drop the kids off in the pool.


5 reasons people do not achieve their artistic goals.

June 16, 2009

1. They give up.

2. They get distracted and loose focus,

3. They begin to doubt the  value of their dreams.

4. They depend on other people or uncontrollable circumstances as a source of inspiration for their work.

5. They are to arrogant to admit there is still more to learn.