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Blights final missing adventure? Help support “Lencho”, & Some thoughts about the week.

June 29, 2009

Greetings and salutations,

This post marks the final episode in this chapter of Blights “Missing Adventures”, I will be posting other comic strips, its just that Blight the Clown will be taking a break from the internet to work on his book. Also, check out the trailers for my friends movie, “Lencho”, he has been kicking ass on it for several months now and it should prove to be pretty fantastic. He is having a bit of a fundraiser for the movie in a few days so he can try and pay some of his crew. Details are posted in the blog.


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-El Regreso de Lencho (The Return of Lencho)-

MONDAY JULY 6th @ 6:30

Come support the film, have fun w/1hr OPEN BAR ….. & watch the first 10 min of the film.


The film El Regreso de Lencho (in English it’s The Return of Lencho). It was shot on 16mm film on location in Guatemala in late 2008 (there is also an animated part to the film). It is currently in post production. It’s a Spanish language film about a character named Lencho who uses street art to organize Guatemalan youth–now targeted by the police as insurgents–to express their social justice and human rights concerns in an increasingly corrupt and violent Guatemala. It promotes graffiti art and human rights in a globalized third world.

Tickets $20

Silent Auction of Latin American art.

Monkey Town at 58 N 3rd St 58 N 3rd St (btw. Kent & Wythe) Williamsburg, Brooklyn has a Front Dining Room and Bar, while our back dining room maintains our original configuration:
– 4 screens
– communal seating
– 6.1 surround sound

Directions to Monkey Town
From the L Train:
1. Exit at the Bedford stop (the 1st stop in Brooklyn).
2. Walk 4 blocks south on Bedford,
3. Make a right on N. 3rd St. (west)
4. Walk an additional 2 and 1/2 (west) on N 3rd. Monkey Town is halfway down the block on the left.


There must be something in the air, the past few weeks have been filled with celebrity death. First David Carradine and his fantastically shocking yet sudden death, then Ed Mcmahon, I guess we saw this one coming, he was old and sick, but sad none-the-less. Then Farrah Fawcett, again sad, but a very public documentary about her cancer prepaired us for it. Then Michael Jackson, I guess this is the one that got to me the most, very tragic and unexpected, just on the verge of a comeback tour, trying to get back on his feet after a very public stoning by a hypocritical society. In his case, I wonder what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. No matter if you love or hate the guy, he had a huge impact on most anybody that grew up in the 80’s. He took music videos to a level that blew peoples minds, I can remember watching the video of the making of Thriller, it was my first glips behind the scenes into the world of filmmaking. Then he bridged the gap between video games and music with an amazing title for the Sega Genesis called Moonwalker, a game where you defeated the bad-guys by dancing! I even remember how the world came to a stop and everyone turned their televisions on at the same time to watch the premiere of his video for “Black & White”.  Michael Jackson even introduced me to one of my all time favorite artists, when Weird Al did the song “Eat It”, that changed my life forever. So it is with a sad heart that I mourn the death of a brilliant artist. Then all-of-the-sudden, I find out that the infomercial guy Billy Mays died this morning. Now, even though it is always sad when someone dies, before last week, I don’t think his death would of personally effected me in anyway, BUT I saw him on Conan O’brien, and for the first time enjoyed his non-salesman personality, he actually made a really funny segment with Conan, and I thought I might even try watching his new television series “Pitchmen”, but I guess it was not meant to be. Such an odd week. Below is a youtube video response to Michael Jackson’s death that seems appropriate to describe the hypocrisy of the public.

Michael Jackson is Dead

Blight the Clown
(A.K.A.) Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions


Blight feels the pressure in comic #21!

September 14, 2008

Well Howdy Folks,

Back flippin’ biscuits and jingle jangle spores,
Blight the Clown’s sleepy time and really loud snores,
I made a new comic and I finished just in time,
To post it in the blog after this little rhyme.


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In the spirit of helping promote the art community, here is a trailer for my friend Mario’s (AKA. MaRs Attack!!!) newest film.  Enjoy!

-El REGRESO de LENCHO. Volume 2-TeASER #1-


As most of you know, promotion is the most difficult part of being an artist.  I can make stuff all day long, but if no one ever sees it, what’s the point, other than a bit of therapy for the soul.  The challenge as an artist is to make things that people are interested in.  I am not the best mind reader in the world, I have no idea what the world is interested in, so I make things that interest me and hope that it is enough.  I like to think that if I am interested in it, that someone else somewhere else in this great big ball of a planet might find it interesting as well.

In this current age of digital revolution, there are half a million ways to promote your work.  The key is to tap into the right ones.  I really have no idea what the right ones are, so I have tried my best to make some kind of connection with all the networking tools I have been able to access.   The best most reliable connection seems to be a direct email list, but I don’t like to send emails to folks that are not interested in my work; but how are they going to become interested in my work if they have never seen it?

Social networking.  I have tried to make profiles on every damn social networking site that seems worthwhile.  Although, it’s rather hard to figure out what sites are worthwhile and what sites are not.  For links to my various profiles on social networks please click here: BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS SOCIAL NETWORKS.

But I still believe that direct email is the best way to directly keep you informed, so if you are not signed up to the email list, or you know of a friend you think might be interested, please visit the site here :BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS, or send your friends a link to the site:  I got some really cool stuff in the works, so stay tuned.

Your pal,
Blight the Clown
(A.K.A.) Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions