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New archive video posted, trouble with Cablevision and the youtube stream will go on this Wednesday.

January 29, 2008

Hello folks,

So there has been trouble in the Blight Productions internet. Last Wednesday I had a screening in the stream room scheduled. All day Wednesday my internet connection was solid. At approximately 9PM that night one hour before the screening stream was scheduled my internet connection failed. I was no longer able to load up a webpage. Well, the page would load but it would take about 10 minutes for a low bandwidth page. When I tried to surf to the stream room it would load up the chat window, but it would not load up any of the video thumbnails, so I was prevented from hosting the stream room. Well that night I called up Cablevision (my internet service provider) and they ran a bunch of tests on my modem and determined my connection was running at less than 40% of what it should be, so they set up an appointment for a technician to come out. Thursday morning the tech came and tested the modem, the lines, the cable boxes and a few other things and guess what, the connection worked. I thought all was good. Later that night I decided to do a few updates to the website, the connection was fine until around 9PM. Then nothing, the connection failed, no more internet, nothing. I called Cablevision, they sent another tech out Saturday morning. He plugged into the lines and everything was working fine. I assume they were beginning to think I was crying wolf. Saturday night came around, the internet connection died. I walked to my neighbors apartment and asked if he was having trouble with his connection. He said that he was having the exact same trouble, the internet worked fine during the day and at night it died. He had two techs come out two days in a row. The same as me, while we were speaking in the hallway, we ran into another neighbor that was having the same problem. All three of us were told by Cablevision that we were the only customers calling with an issue, so they could not declare it an emergency. Sunday night, the same thing, the internet was working during the day, but then at night around 9PM it died. I immediately called Cablevision again, while I was on the phone with them my neighbor came over. He was on the phone with them as well. His guy was telling him again that there was nothing they could do because he was the only customer complaining about the issue. The thing of it was, that I was on the phone with them at the same time and so were the other neighbors. So how could they be telling us that no one is complaining from our building when we collectively knew that at least 5 of us had been calling everyday for the past several days? Collectively we smelled a rat. Today I had another appointment set up for a tech to come by from 8AM to 11AM, he never showed up. Once I got to work, I called Cablevision again to find out why I got stood up with no phone call. After about 30 minutes of explaining the situation all over again for the 4th or 5th time, I was put on hold for another 30 minutes, when the operator came back to the line, she told me that dispatch had her on hold and that she would call me back as soon as she had an explanation for me. She never called me back. When I got home after work, I saw a Cablevision van outside the building. I went to my neighbor who has a tech appointment scheduled from 5PM-8PM I knocked on his door at 7:30PM and his tech was a no show. I went to go find the Cablevision van that was parked outside and they were gone already. I believe something fishy is in the air. But miraculously it is 10:45PM and my connection is holding. Maybe they fixed it. I don’t know, it has still been lagging every couple of minutes, only time will tell. But what kind of company operates like that? I have no idea, a shitty one I suppose.

Anyway, the Youtube Short film and Video art live stream will go on this Wednesday at 10PM. I am also, building a new art gallery in Second Life with a bit of a carnival theme. Pretty soon I will post some pictures of it on the blog here. I have also posted some new Blight Productions music on the Myspace Music page. So for right now as long as your internet connection lasts check out my latest archived video posting below.

This is another video art piece I made back in 1998 on a 486 Windows PC with 16Megs of ram and a 2 gig hard drive. The editing was done with Ulead video studio. This was one of my first experiments using the audio from the video clips to compose some kind of rhythmic composition.


Sorry the Live web stream crapped out!

January 24, 2008

I am sincerely sorry to everyone that tried to access the Blight Productions short film and video art live stream tonight. Cablevision (My internet service provider) has screwed me again. Moments before the stream was scheduled, my internet connections decided that it would fail me. I was able to get into the chat window, but the connection was so slow that it would not load up any video so that I could cue it into the stream. I spent the hour on the phone with Cablevision trying to fix it, but the end result is that they are sending a tech person out to fix the glitch, because it is something to do with a bad cable line running into my apartment. I know this sounds like a lame excuse but it is not, I promise, just lousy timing. I will never let this happen again. I am setting up several fail safe measures to insure this wont repeat itself. Even if I must jump on a train to the city and host the stream from a Starbucks, I will! Please log into the stream next Wednesday, it will be packed with all the videos you will ever want to see on youtube.

Thanks again,
Blight Productions

Short film and Video art Live stream on Youtube tonight!

January 23, 2008


Just a reminder for are you short film and video artists. Tonight at 10PM eastern time I will be hosting the Blight Productions Short Film & Video art stream. So Update your youtube video pages, come visit us and maybe showcase some of your work. Click the link below to enter the stream. Be sure to book mark the page so you can come back tonight at 10PM.

Blight Productions

Posted another video art piece from the archive onto Youtube!

January 22, 2008

Hello all,

“1999 Suffocation by Blight Productions”

This is a video art piece I made on a 486 Windows PC with 16Megs of ram and a 2 gig hard drive. The editing was done with Ulead video studio. This piece was originally made an an AV accompaniment for a live musical performance. I also wrote all the music in this piece. The premiere for the video and performance was at the beginning of the year in 2000 at “Artspace” in Richmond, Va.

So here is the deal and some other updates…

January 21, 2008

This whole blog thing is new to me and I have no idea what I am doing. I just finished updating my website ( for 2008. please check it out if you have any interest in doing so. Its just been updated with all kinds of goodies. Videos, networking profiles, this fancy new super cool blog, a new exciting new interface, and all kinds of new videos. I am also continuing to update my youtube channel on a regular basis. So please check there often or better yet, just subscribe to my channel ( the last video I published is an old segment I edited as an enterstitial for WNYE TV about the modern ballet choreographer Raiford Rodgers. Check it out below:

The new “official” Blight Blog!

January 21, 2008

Hello all,

Blight the Clown here. Just introducing myself to the world of blogging. I am posting my latest video logo tag for 2008, feel free to let me know what you all think.